Community Working Group Steward Candidate

I bring nine years of combined public service experience to the ENS DAO.

I have primarily held emergency service and non-technical roles in the United States, working for Federal and municipal organizations. My duties and responsibilities have included functioning as a firefighter and EMT, assisting with the development of standard operating procedures for medical programs, and maintaining city-wide emergency warning systems.

I am service-oriented and passionate about making a difference where I fit in.

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🤠 — About Me

I've been a hardcore end-user of Web1 and Web2. I remember the days of Napster and ICQ. I had a Geocities account before Yahoo ruined it. I can do simple front-end web development using HTML/CSS and basic Javascript. I'm trying to re-learn/learn JS to tackle things outside of basic functions. Eventually, I'll dig into other languages such as Python or SQL.

I live in California, and I am going back to school to study Business Administration. I rock climb (trad please), mountain bike, and read about all things Web3/Defi in my spare time.

I support other organizations and communities outside of Web3 such as the Access Fund, Grassroots Wildland Firefighters, and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Fun Fact: I once lived/worked on a ship at sea for 248 days.

🤝 — Why the Community WG

I feel drawn to this working group because I see ENS as more than just a naming protocol; It is also a rich community of end-users, creators, and developers. I'm excited about the possibility that the ENS DAO will promote fellowship and encourage individuals to feel intrinsically motivated to build something greater than themselves.

✍ — How I Will Contribute

Standing Behind the Community

As a steward, I would see it as my job to facilitate building the ENS Community and standing behind the community sub-groups and their work. Contributors should have the tools and budget that they need. If you have a good idea, I want to help you make it happen and ensure that you are fully recognized for your work and contribution.

I believe there is often more than one right answer and that the best ideas don't always come from the top.

Building Community Tools

I will continue to help with the ENS Learn Docs and Mission Statement. I believe that the current Learn Docs project and helping to create repositories of information are critically important. A large portion of the Discord and Forum activity consists of questions from users. If we can make ENS easier to understand, it will lead to faster adoption and will prevent common misconceptions and costly mistakes that can hurt perception.

Ideas for community education

  • Finish Learn Docs

  • Create Troubleshooting Guides

  • Official Walkthroughs - Youtube/Written.

Possible contributor roles created: Many opportunities for content creation across different mediums. Likely front/back-end dev of bounty program unless we plug into existing frameworks.

Ideas to Promote Involvement

💰 Bounty System
I will encourage community involvement by supporting the creation of a bounty system that allows members to receive compensation for their contributions to the DAO. This idea needs fleshing out and should be consistent across the DAO to be effective, but I envision it working similarly to Gitcoin's bounty program, and it will provide contributors compensation for meaningful work. In the spirit of Web3 and decentralization, everyone should be able to assume an active part in the development of ENS.

I am open to any other alternative solutions for this as well. The bounty system may not be perfect, and I think people must contribute for the right reasons.

I also want to initiate a POAP pilot program for the working groups. This POAP will help prove meaningful involvement in the ENS DAO. I want them to have meaning and for recipients to feel proud of them. They will be available to claim at the end of each working group term to prevent farming and ensure equitable distribution. Recipients will have to meet minimum, to-be-agreed-upon requirements, and the Working Group stewards will need to verify that the recipient is human. Creating a reward and recognition structure is a low-cost way that the DAO can show that it values its contributors. It also creates a pathway for token-gated subgroups and communities. In the future, this POAP can be used to help members campaign for positions within the DAO and have other benefits if desired. Read my forum response to Incentivizing DAO Participation.

Possible contributor roles created: Graphic Design of POAPS and POAP Roadmap.

Championing New Stewards

If elected as a Working Group Steward, I will champion or promote the next community member to take my seat at the end of my term. The goal is to use my platform to encourage an individual (or individuals) who have been helping the DAO but who are less known and have less voting power to garner support.

The ENS DAO shouldn't be for the most opinionated contributor or those holding the largest bags. With this, I also want to emphasize choosing someone from a non-traditional role outside of tech, community, or country that does not have equitable representation in the Web3 space.

Scheduled Community Calls

I want to create a scheduled community-oriented call via Twitter Spaces or Discord. I want to create a platform that keeps everyone up to date on events, developments, and projects within the ENS DAO. I also want people to have a platform to voice their opinions on different topics. These meetings will not be centered around one time zone. This will create opportunities for contributors to host or co-host these meetings and take an active role in the ENS Community Working Group.

Possible contributor roles created: Community call host and co-host positions.

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